WTF Already!

Everyone has noticed by now that Richard and I haven’t posted any new Inkscape screencasts in a few years. You have noticed, right? We’ve been asked a zillion times if we’ll ever make anymore. Our official answer? Dunno. Probably not but maybe. ๐Ÿ™‚

So…why do we keep this website up and running? Good question. Even though our tutorials are dated and perhaps obsolete, maybe there are a few good tips or techniques in them. Makes sense, right? Besides, new Inkscapers are still discovering our website and still watching our videos. I can’t explain it either.

We will leave the site up for now. At least until Anonymous hacks it, steals our identities and ruins our lives in the name of a good cause. Maybe then we’ll pull the plug. So take what you want and enjoy what we have.

Audi 5000!

66 Responses to “WTF Already!”

  1. heathenx Says:

    Well, I don’t know if it’s the “go-to site” for Inkscape tutorials. Nice to hear from you, though. It’s been a few years. I hope you are doing well.

  2. AndrzejL Says:

    Dude… Actually IT IS a go to site. This is what we are trying to tell You. There is no better website so far to learn the Inkscape basics (and not only). I tried other sites – Your site is unique. Your style of creating the videos is unique. It’s just THAT GOOD…

    If I was to change my nickname to Mr. T I would say “I pity the fool who underestimate his work…” LOL j/k… Many people loves Your work. Period. Full stop.



  3. heathenx Says:

    Ha! Alright. I suppose our site is a good place to start for beginners. is a source I visit from time-to-time. Lots of great stuff there.

  4. AndrzejL Says:

    I am checking them out too but You vids are for whatever the reason more ejeet-proof… ๐Ÿ™‚



  5. MaggieA Says:

    I’m brand new to Inkscape (1 week) and Graphics. I found your site two days ago and just love your videos. Great teaching as you tell us the tool are using and don’t say “use this tool” and it’s impossible to see which tool was chosen. For the exprienced they may be old hat but to a newbie they are wonderful. I have created some things I need but doing everything the long, long way and have learnt so much so far and I’m only up to Vid 20. So thank you so much!

  6. heathenx Says:


    Awesome! Enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. mool Says:

    Thank you so much for keeping this site online. Your tutorials were the first I’ve ever used when discovering Inkscape and they teached me a lot.

  8. tumira Says:

    Please update your videos and maybe add about creating game arts with Inkscape ? That would really help a lot of game art designers out there.

  9. J0e Says:

    As the first commenter posted… I too find these videos invaluable and keep coming back here as a reference point. Please do not take this down. I wish these were bundled and somehow I could download via torrent or whatever so I could always have them. Honestly there are no other better tuts out there than these. Thank you guys so much for this. And I don’t care if you never post another video here. These vids are still very relevant.

  10. heathenx Says:

    There was a torrent floating around a few years back. If you’re on Linux then throw this command in your terminal instead…

    wget -r -A.ogv

    …and then sit back and download them all.

    Note: I think you can grab wget for Windows too but I haven’t tried it.

  11. Julius Alvarado Says:

    Just wanted to thank you guys for the GREAT tutorials. I am going to use what I learn here to help make some of .png sprites for the 2D aspects of this idea I have using the Unity 3D game engine. I was looking for a way to make some compelling 2D stuff using vectors. Thanks again ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Tony Says:

    Just wanted to say a quick thank you. I’m using your tutorials to start my children using Inkscape – for the rest of their lives, they’ll be able to rely on their design skills if money gets tight. Thanks again.

  13. eliramalho Says:

    Thank you so much!
    I’ve learned a lot with your videos.
    How many people more will enjoy and learn with this site – even obsolete ?

    I’ve returned many times – so, please, keep it on for many years.
    Thanks again.
    I hope a new video from you, if you can…

  14. kestra Says:

    its cool

  15. HeXX Says:

    Pease Keep the website online,
    I ve learned some neat tricks i couldn t find elsewhere so thanx.

  16. MichaรซlT Says:

    Thanks a lot for all these videos. I’ve downloaded the 106 videos, and I’ve watched nearly all of them. There’s not out-dated at all, and really interesting for beginners like me. Even if the object drawn in a video is not usefull for me, the technics that are used, are very usefull.
    Thanks again for all this good work !