WTF Already!

Everyone has noticed by now that Richard and I haven’t posted any new Inkscape screencasts in a few years. You have noticed, right? We’ve been asked a zillion times if we’ll ever make anymore. Our official answer? Dunno. Probably not but maybe. :)

So…why do we keep this website up and running? Good question. Even though our tutorials are dated and perhaps obsolete, maybe there are a few good tips or techniques in them. Makes sense, right? Besides, new Inkscapers are still discovering our website and still watching our videos. I can’t explain it either.

We will leave the site up for now. At least until Anonymous hacks it, steals our identities and ruins our lives in the name of a good cause. Maybe then we’ll pull the plug. So take what you want and enjoy what we have.

Audi 5000!

66 Responses to “WTF Already!”

  1. devnet Says:

    If you guys need a place to host it and don’t want to pay for it…I’d be more than happy to add you as editors on my blog and give you an entire section where things are published.

    I’ve found these tutorials to be invaluable to me and I’d like them to never lose a home.

    BTW, my site has been up since 2003…it’s not going anywhere :)

  2. AndrzejL Says:

    Hi folks.

    Yes… Yes… I was one of the buggers that wrote You an e-mail about going back to making vids… I am still going to reply to Your reply – just getting my strengths together to do it ;)…

    Don’t even think about taking this site down… I have downloaded all the vids and ma keeping them hostage… Uh wait? What? Nah I cannot hear You but that’s bout right…

    Ok foolishness aside – the website is great, some vids are bit dated but most of them are still “working” just fine. Do not – I repeat DO NOT take it down no matter what – it’s a great place to start Your journey into the world of inkscape…

    Be good. If You can’t be good be careful… or at least wear a rubber…



  3. heathenx Says:

    @devnet Hosting is cheap. Not a problem but thanks anyway. :)

    @AndrzejL LOL! Don’t worry. This site will probably be live until Internet 3.0 is released.

  4. Mel Says:

    Talk about timing! I was just going to send a comment asking about this – I am one of the new Inkscapers and have done two of your tutorials so far and love them! It is a great way to learn how to use various tools and features and I feel that this site is invaluable to those just starting out….so if you’re taking votes, count me in as a gazillion votes towards keeping this site up :)

    I have a question about your screencasts – I am using Firefox and as the video is playing I don’t see a Play, FF, or RW button anywhere (I also have no-script but not sure that would block the controls). I figured out to just click on the screen to get it to pause when needed, but there were a few instances where I wanted to rewind a tad but couldn’t. Am I missing something or do these screencasts not have those features?

    Thanks! And for what it’s worth, I’d love to see new tutorials from you guys, though I’ve got a lot to play with for now. :)

  5. AndrzejL Says:

    Hi mel.

    Hope this will help:

    Download the videos and use Your fav player to watch them.



  6. heathenx Says:


    For me (at the moment I’m at work on a Win7 machine) the streaming play works as intended in Firefox. Matter of fact, it’s always worked well in Firefox. However, in Chrome (which is all I ever use) the audio does not play. I suspect something has changed with the browser because they used to work flawlessly. I recommend taking AndrzejL’s advice and either download the episode you wish to watch individually for local play or grab them all with wget.

    A while back we chose to abandon flash and go with theora/vorbis. Just one encoding for streaming and downloading. However, it’s never worked as well as flash. Our fault by trying to stay ahead of the curve. I believe episode 102 is the only episode using our old flash format. I think Richard had some trouble encoding that episode properly at the time.

    Anyway, stream them in a pinch but if you want nicer forward and reverse (you’ll want to fast-forward through a lot of my bull crap) download them and watch ’em in VLC.

  7. AndrzejL Says:

    @ heathenx – Dude 😉 I find it best to watch Your vids from my local hdd in SMPlayer for a several reasons. Main reason would not be the possibility to ffwd thru “Your bull crap” altho it’s purty high on the pros list… ;D J/K. I am on a crappy Irish 3G broadband which is SLOW and the download quota is limited. I cannot allow myself to buffer and watch Your videos anytime I want to instead of buffering them every time I have been downloading them for 3 or 4 months (at the end of the month when I had some allowance left / overnight). Also – playing it in SMPlayer allows me to slow the video down if I need to or zoom into it. Sometimes I have the screen divided into 2 halves – I am working on one half in Inkscape and watching the vid in let’s say 0.7 speed on the other half – this way I can follow Your steps and won’t get lost / miss anything.

    @Mel ah and don’t forget this one. it’s a joined effort of Rolf from and YouKnowWho… ;).



  8. heathenx Says:


    VLC…you can zoom and control the speed too. You already knew that, right? SMPlayer, Gnome-mplayer, mplayer…all good. :)

  9. AndrzejL Says:

    Hi HeathenX.

    Yeah I knew that about vlc. I just prefer SMPlayer even tho rvm took a long long developer’s holidays…



  10. Mel Says:

    Thanks for your replies heathenx and Andy — I actually am now able to see the controls. And what did I do? I simply allowed your blog on my no-script. That no-script comes in handy for some things but can be annoying as heck for other things :b So happy I can now fast forward through your babbling…just kidding 😉 I really just needed the rewind. I think you do a great job with these!

    @Andy, thanks for the link to download the screencasts…may give that a go as well. But unfortunately my quicktime is not so quick and I can’t get that other link to the mp3 to start though.

  11. jérôme Says:

    “Even though our tutorials are dated and perhaps obsolete, maybe there are a few good tips or techniques in them”

    You can forget the “maybe”, I found it last week and love it. Even with new version this is a blast and a really great job.
    Thank you !!!
    And you accent is pretty good, even for french, I understand everything !! 😉

  12. JK Says:

    Hi heathenx

    Thank you for the great tutorial videos. They were a great help for me getting to know Inkscape.

    I wish there were other tutorial videos coming from time to time, but don’t bother if you don’t have the time or just don’t feel like it.

    Stay safe and sound (your family too of course :))

    Thanks again.

  13. mannycal Says:

    Thanks a bunch for these videos. I really learned a lot. Why not try some crowd funding platform and produce MOAR videos?

  14. heathenx Says:

    Thanks @mannycal. Btw, this isn’t about money. It’s about time and effort. Screencasting can be fun, easy and free if you want it to be.

  15. antwerpenR Says:

    I do miss your webcasts – you never ceased to amaze me with your skills! Hope for some more some time!

  16. heathenx Says:

    Well, we’ll see. There will be some new features in version 0.49, namely, mesh gradients. Once I figure out how to apply it to a practical project then perhaps I’ll record. It will definitely be a short one.

  17. AndrzejL Says:



    See these various logos?

    I really do like the “3D” effect on it and the colors that looks like it’s a spilled paint and the rounded edges… I was googling for a while now and I cannot figure out HOW TO make such effect.

    Any thoughts on that one? Maybe an idea for screencast? 😀



  18. heathenx Says:

    Try using some filter effects, for instance, Filters>ABCs>Specular Lighting. You might even try some bevels or shadows/glows.

  19. Rumah Al Banna Says:

    Thanks for Leaving This Site still alive,

    I’m New Inkscape User,

    you’re my first inkscape teacher in World Wide Web xD

  20. Liu Xin Says:

    You’ve done lots of things so far so good. I won’t blame you for not updating. I learnt a lot from your videos since 2007.

    Although now I left ubuntu and inkscape for a long time. But the skills of inkscape I learnt from you are still live in my mind.

    It were you who opened the door of vector drawing to me.

    Thank you very much. Wish you guys good luck and good health.

  21. Marcelo Says:

    Noooooo! I kind of expected it, but actually hearing it from you guys is another thing.

    As many others, I too learned from you a LOT and enjoyed your videos in general, even if I knew how to do something.

    Be proud of this, it was excelent, it was superb.

    Thank you very much for this!

  22. NoAlias Says:

    I do miss some updates on this site.
    I came to inkscape pretty late in life; about 2 years ago.
    Your site was a huge help for me to get the hang of working with inkscape and verctor graphics.
    Although I will never reach your level, I have improved my skills with your help.

    Thank you for all these great tutorials.

    I hope that you do find time and inspiration in the future to make more videos.
    And I wish you and all your loved ones a good life in the meantime.


  23. edi Says:

    Hey guys!

    Thank you very much for your tutorials. They are not only teaching, but also inspiring.

    (I am not a friend of long speeches. I just want to say, that I like your tutorials very much)

    Best Regards


  24. heathenx Says:

    Keep your eye on this blog: This chap looks like he knows a thing or two about Inkscape…and Gimp. :)

  25. menthesopu Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for keeping the site running! There will always be newbies just like me who would find your videos helpful.


  26. Mark T Says:

    Thanks for the mention, heathenx, kind of you to talk about the blog like that. It feels good to be able to publish what I know back for the Inkscape community – I learned a fair bit of what I know from your videos!

  27. Paul J Says:

    Hi Guys!

    I just want to say how glad I am that you still are keeping this site online. Your tutorials are still very usefull to me.

    Thank you very much!!!

    Greetz, Paul

  28. Ryan Says:

    Thank you for what you have done with your screen casts. They really are essential building blocks in learning Inkscape both quickly and effectively.

    I would like some insights in doing photo realistic interfaces for things like Android/iPads etc.
    Buttons, dials , sliders as examples.

  29. Sêyivê Fréjo PADONOU Says:

    Hi guys,

    I begin learning inkscape since 3 weeks now and i’ve learned so much thanks to you website(a very big thank to you guys). I was afraid after reading this news, that you may end by closing the website, but i’m verry glad to read that you won’t.

    Here’s my suggestion to keep this website up to date. Would you consider the option to allow another inkscapers, to suggest new tutorials? What I mean is like we may do the tutorials, supply them to you and after moderation, you’ll decide to publish them or not. Or may do some modifications before publish them. Hope you’ll think about it. :)

    Best Regards, Lord Mystirio.

    (P.S: sorry for my bad english i’m french speaker)

  30. Jeff Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the great tutorials and for leaving the site up. I’m new to Inkscape and just found your site. Even tho the tutorials are dated they still apply and work with the newer Inkscape and have been a big help with learning the program.

  31. heathenx Says:

    The only insight that I can give you regarding mocking up interfaces with Inkscape is that it’s not difficult. I prefer to to use Inkscape for stuff like that just because it’s easier to move stuff around, group, and maybe throw stuff on different layers. You’ll also want to keep Gimp handy.

    Take a look here: For android you can download objects for use with your mockups. Time saver. 😉

  32. heathenx Says:

    @Lord Mystirio
    Thank-you. It’s always nice to know that someone found something informative in our videos, especially at this stage of the game.

    Yes, we would consider guest tutorials as long as they are similar in format to what we have already done. If you are interested then we could talk in detail about it.

  33. heathenx Says:

    Good then. You’re aware that they are old videos. Little things here and there have changed in Inkscape through the versions that affect some of our tutorials. Just be sure read through the comments. Work-arounds are usually posted there.

  34. heathenx Says:

    This comment is just so I could see my avatar 4 times in a row. Annoying, huh?:)

  35. AndrzejL Says:

    Heathenx goes to a doctor completely naked with his crotch wrapped with cling film and says:

    – Doc I think I am going mad…

    And the Doctors says:

    – I can clearly see your nuts…

    This comment is just so I could break Your 5 avatars in a row strike… 😀



  36. Sêyivê Fréjo PADONOU Says:


    Thanks for your answer. I’m definitely interested. I’m in love with this awesome software and would like to see it community grows.

    So feel free to let me know how I can contact you for details.

  37. heathenx Says:

    Botta Boom! :)

  38. Sêyivê Fréjo PADONOU Says:


    I just contact you via the “Contact” section.

  39. heathenx Says:

    @Lord Mystirio
    Got it! Just haven’t replied yet. Busy busy.

  40. Sêyivê Fréjo PADONOU Says:

    No problem. Take your time sensei. I too I’m really busy lately 😉

  41. Martin Says:

    I feel like you guys underestimate the value of this site, and the quality of your tutorials, by an order of magnitude. The screencasts speak to the newbie, but always from the perspective of someone who expects to do quality work; what else does anyone want? Aside from that, my whole approach to computing was drawn from various PMs from Richard and Heathen, which said (in part) “No OS is the one and only. Use cross-platform, open-source software whenever possible, and use it well.”

    Seriously dudes, the main drawback to FOSS is the lousy documentation, please come back! (BTW HeathenX, these days VST amp simulators are a real option, check out LePou plugins and Reaper . . . just saying.) ; )

  42. heathenx Says:

    Perhaps you’re right. I’ve always had a nonchalant attitude about the tutorials I’ve made. Take ’em or leave ’em. If they still hold value then great. :)

  43. KING LEE Says:

    keep it running and get back into it!
    I have just recommend this website to an IT seminar today!

  44. AndrzejL Says:

    LOL :D… Can HeathenX withstand the pressure… ;D… We will find out in next episode of “WTF Already!”

  45. heathenx Says:

    Oh, I can hold out for much longer. We’re just getting started. :)

  46. AndrzejL Says:

    How about now? ;)…

    I cannot believe how much You underestimate the value of Your videos… They are a) professional but fun b) straight to business but not boring c) VERY good… Those videos taught ME how to create some crazy chit using inkscape… and my right brain part responsible for creativity is completely dead… unlike my left part – the analytical part which is for change… errr completely dead too…

    I am hoping that people that are interested in keeping this place going like a choo-choo train will flood You with some great videos :).



  47. Lazza Says:

    Your assumption that the videos are obsolete is plain WRONG.
    Our assumption that the videos are great is plain RIGHT.

    Just sayin’. 😉 Thank you for all this work!

  48. heathenx Says:

    Thx, Lazza.

  49. Akhil HD Says:

    thankyou guys. Thankyou for providing this wonderful website :’)

  50. klaatu Says:

    This continues to be the go-to site for great inkscape tutorials. I still watch them and enjoy them and learn from them. I wouldn’t say they are yet out of date / obsolete. There may be some new bells and whistles in the latest inkscape, but that doesn’t make obsolete the great foundational lessons your screencasts provide.

    Great job, thanks, etc.

  51. heathenx Says:

    Well, I don’t know if it’s the “go-to site” for Inkscape tutorials. Nice to hear from you, though. It’s been a few years. I hope you are doing well.

  52. AndrzejL Says:

    Dude… Actually IT IS a go to site. This is what we are trying to tell You. There is no better website so far to learn the Inkscape basics (and not only). I tried other sites – Your site is unique. Your style of creating the videos is unique. It’s just THAT GOOD…

    If I was to change my nickname to Mr. T I would say “I pity the fool who underestimate his work…” LOL j/k… Many people loves Your work. Period. Full stop.



  53. heathenx Says:

    Ha! Alright. I suppose our site is a good place to start for beginners. is a source I visit from time-to-time. Lots of great stuff there.

  54. AndrzejL Says:

    I am checking them out too but You vids are for whatever the reason more ejeet-proof… :)



  55. MaggieA Says:

    I’m brand new to Inkscape (1 week) and Graphics. I found your site two days ago and just love your videos. Great teaching as you tell us the tool are using and don’t say “use this tool” and it’s impossible to see which tool was chosen. For the exprienced they may be old hat but to a newbie they are wonderful. I have created some things I need but doing everything the long, long way and have learnt so much so far and I’m only up to Vid 20. So thank you so much!

  56. heathenx Says:


    Awesome! Enjoy. :)

  57. mool Says:

    Thank you so much for keeping this site online. Your tutorials were the first I’ve ever used when discovering Inkscape and they teached me a lot.

  58. tumira Says:

    Please update your videos and maybe add about creating game arts with Inkscape ? That would really help a lot of game art designers out there.

  59. J0e Says:

    As the first commenter posted… I too find these videos invaluable and keep coming back here as a reference point. Please do not take this down. I wish these were bundled and somehow I could download via torrent or whatever so I could always have them. Honestly there are no other better tuts out there than these. Thank you guys so much for this. And I don’t care if you never post another video here. These vids are still very relevant.

  60. heathenx Says:

    There was a torrent floating around a few years back. If you’re on Linux then throw this command in your terminal instead…

    wget -r -A.ogv

    …and then sit back and download them all.

    Note: I think you can grab wget for Windows too but I haven’t tried it.

  61. Julius Alvarado Says:

    Just wanted to thank you guys for the GREAT tutorials. I am going to use what I learn here to help make some of .png sprites for the 2D aspects of this idea I have using the Unity 3D game engine. I was looking for a way to make some compelling 2D stuff using vectors. Thanks again ! :)

  62. Tony Says:

    Just wanted to say a quick thank you. I’m using your tutorials to start my children using Inkscape – for the rest of their lives, they’ll be able to rely on their design skills if money gets tight. Thanks again.

  63. eliramalho Says:

    Thank you so much!
    I’ve learned a lot with your videos.
    How many people more will enjoy and learn with this site – even obsolete ?

    I’ve returned many times – so, please, keep it on for many years.
    Thanks again.
    I hope a new video from you, if you can…

  64. kestra Says:

    its cool

  65. HeXX Says:

    Pease Keep the website online,
    I ve learned some neat tricks i couldn t find elsewhere so thanx.

  66. MichaëlT Says:

    Thanks a lot for all these videos. I’ve downloaded the 106 videos, and I’ve watched nearly all of them. There’s not out-dated at all, and really interesting for beginners like me. Even if the object drawn in a video is not usefull for me, the technics that are used, are very usefull.
    Thanks again for all this good work !