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Episode 086

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Episode 086 – Animated Presentations with JessyInk

by heathenx

In this tutorial I will take a look at a brilliant set of extensions for Inkscape called JessyInk, by author Hannes Hochreiner, that allows one to make animated presentations. I used Inkscape version 0.46.

If you would like to see how JessyInk works then check out Hannes’ sample presentation file that he has included with the extensions. Just use your arrow keys to navigate forward and backward in your browser.

On behalf of Inkscape users everywhere, I would like to thank Hannes for these extensions. I love being able to make presentations in Inkscape now. It’s just another excuse to use my favorite application. In addition, I have had a long standing curiousity of javascript in SVG files and this definately helps me understand things a little better.

Update: Hannes has made some improvements and additions recently. One noticeable addition includes a new “Summary” tool that lists information about about your presentation. Pretty handy. 😉