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Episode 084

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Episode 084 – Make Your Digital Image Stand Out

by heathenx

In this screencast I will demonstrate a technique for de-colorizing an unimportant part of a raster image and emphasizing other areas with color in Inkscape v0.46.

This tutorial is basic and quick…perfect for Inkscape novice.

Episode 054

Sunday, February 24th, 2008


Episode 054 – Scrapbooking Effect

by Richard Querin

In this screencast, I demonstrate a slotted corner scrapbooking effect. I also demonstrate a simple embossed text technique as well as a general image clipping technique. All this fun was done using Inkscape 0.45.

Episode 045

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Episode 045 – Snapshot Mosaic

by Richard Querin

This screencast demonstrates a quick method of creating a series of overlapping snapshots out of a single image using Inkscape 0.45.

Episode 032

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Episode 032 – Shattered Photo

by Richard Querin

This screencast demonstrates one way of creating a shattered glass effect for an image or photo using Inkscape 0.45.

Episode 011

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Episode 011 – Polaroid Pin-up

by Richard Querin

Creating a thumbtacked polaroid look using Inkscape.

Episode 009

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Episode 009 – Photo Popping Fun

by Richard Querin

In this screencast I create a pseudo-3D version of a photo using Inkscape.