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Episode 093

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Episode 093 – Circular Arrows

by Richard Querin

In this tutorial I demonstrate one way of creating a set of circular arrows using Inkscape 0.46. This method is applicable to all sorts of paths (not just circles).

Viewer Stefan Timm emailed in a question a couple of weeks back inquiring how to accomplish this. And while not all emailed questions get answered with a screencast episode, this one ended up being quick, useful and likely valuable for illustrating the more general concept of placing objects on a path in Inkscape.

Seeing as how heathenx has figured our way out of the video format mess for the moment (see this), note that Firefox 3.5 users should get a nice streaming ogg file, while others will see a streaming flash version. Of course everybody can download the ogg and view offline. But by all means, if you have problems, let us know in the comments to this post, we want to make sure our viewers are happy (or at least not too miffed!) 😉

ps. The sound on this one should be significantly better than my last episode (091). I went back to my older Logitech headset which got rid of most of the hum and leaned a little less on noise reduction in Audacity. It’s far from perfect but definitely better I think.