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Episode 087

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Episode 087 – Paint Splatter on Textured Background

by Richard Querin

In this tutorial I show a quick way of creating a fairly realistic looking paint splatter on a textured background. This technique is useful not only for paint splatters but wherever you want to place a text, logo or other graphic on top of a textured background like fabric, concrete, wood etc. and have it look somewhat realistic.

Note that this is a blatant rip-off of Heathenx’s episode 059. But if you the viewer have no problem with that, then neither do I. Whether Heathenx really get’s upset or not is another matter. But is that of utmost importance to me? Not so much. 😉

Note also that in the midst of doing this screencast, I also show a little technique tip for the Gimp related to converting images from colour to Black and White. This tip is likely even more useful for those trying to achieve nice conversions of colour photos to black and white. It gives you much more control than just doing a single click greyscale conversion.

Apologies for any background hum you might hear. I did this one on the new laptop and there is something to do with my Logitech USB headset and the laptop which is causing the humming to kind of go in and out at times. I hope it’s not too annoying.