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Episode 091

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Episode 091 – Comic Bubbles

by Richard Querin

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to create simple comic-style speech and action bubbles using Inkscape 0.46. This one is relatively short and simple. I have seen a few different ways people create these types of things, and I think the method I use here is one of the simplest and most customizable.

This episode marks our switchover to the OGG format. Heathenx will be posting about it soon with more details, however if you’re using Firefox 3.5 (or beta versions of Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, or any other browser that supports HTML5) you should be able to view the episode right in your browser. If you don’t, you can download the ogg file and view it offline. We recommend SMPlayer or VLC for that.

Given the aforementioned change in format, we fully expect to hear about any problems or questions in the comments to this post. Feel free to tell us how it works (or if it doesn’t) and we’ll help out in any way we can if you have problems.

Hope you like it.