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Episode 106

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Episode 106 – The CMYK Episode

by heathenx

In this screencast I demonstrate how to use a couple of utilities to convert an RGB image created in Inkscape to CMYK. I used Inkscape version 0.47.

There are several applications and utilities to choose from in order to convert an RGB image to a CMYK image (Gimp w/Separate+ plugin, Scribus, and tifficc deserve mention) . In this screencast I show just two: Imagemagick and CMYKTool. For Imagemagick I have provided a text file with the commands that I used. Currently, my personal favorite is CMYKTool due to its simplicity with drag-n-drop. 🙂

NOTE: I made a mistake during the screencast when I converted the CMYK TIF to CMYK PDF with Imagemagick. I included an input sRGB color profile when that was absolutely unnecessary. I think I was paying more attention to the output color profile than what I had for the rest of the command. I believe it converted just fine but it might have confused a bunch of you. Whoops! I fixed this in the provide text file.

If anyone would like to post their current workflow for CMYK (if they have one) then please do.