Episode 101

Episode 101 – Bottle Cap

by heathenx

In this screencast I will illustrate how to make a bottle cap using Inkscape 0.47.

I want to thank HayTay (which I think I pronounced KayTay in the screencast…oops!) from the TalkGraphics.com forum for giving me the inspiration for this episode.

Also, big thanks to Scott Kirkwood for developing a new key status monitor for Linux. 🙂

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  1. screencasters.heathenx.org/blog » Blog Archive » Episode 101 – Bottle Cap Says:

    […] Episode 101 is up. Sorry for the distorted sound in this episode. I had forgotten to turn down my volume level when I was recording. […]

  2. tomh Says:

    Nicely done. It still amazes me how many objects can do into making up sucha small item.

  3. invasi0n Says:


    Just wanted to thank you for another great screencast!
    Btw… I notice that the download speed is slow ( ~70KB/sec). I think it would be great to also upload the videos to archive.org or something similar.


  4. nisse Says:

    Thank you heathenx for creating great screencasts. Download speed 1.1 MB/sec.

  5. younghart Says:

    This sure was another great tutorial – not only for the bottlecap part, but also on the fonts part. I put my new knowledge to work immediately:

    BTW: I download via Miro, so it’s pulled during the off-hours and whenever it’s ready.

    Thanks again!

  6. heathenx Says:


    Very good. 🙂

    To everyone else, thank-you and sorry for the lousy download speeds. Best we can do on shared hosting. These videos get downloaded from all over the world (oddly) and when everyone is grabbing stuff all at once things tend to go slower than expected.

  7. Nigel Says:

    Great Stuff!

    Thanks a lot, also for the other amazing screencasts. I just started with inkscape, but they increase my learning speed immediately.

    Greetings from Germany


  8. Zlatko Nikolic Says:

    I like very much this one, bottle cap looks great I was thinking this is another blender tut.video, in every new screencast you make I learn something new,regards.

  9. heathenx Says:


    Thanks but I doubt I’ll be making any future screencasts on modeling objects in Blender. Episode 100 was sort of a one-off. There are way too many Blender tutorial sites already and I’d just be doubling up on already existing material. Plus there are way better people out there who can actually explain what is going on in Blender. I’m just a hack.

    I did model a bottle cap real quickly in my CAD system for kicks. It only took me a few minutes. It would probably take me 5 times longer if I tried it in Blender. 😐


  10. Zlatko Nikolic Says:


    Cap was look so good thats why I was thinking its made in Blender, I dont expect any new Blend.tuts. on your web show, its so many things it can be made in Inkscape…
    By the way what is the name of your CAD application?

  11. Strider Says:

    Thank you very much for the tut. It was really great.

  12. heathenx Says:


    I use Autodesk Inventor software at work. It’s very similar to SolidWorks or Pro/Engineer (Pro/E).

  13. Zlatko Nikolic Says:


    OK thanks, for Inventor answer, do you use Inkscape at work for any reason, is there any implementation of Ink. in any professional company or project, I find just one, they use for architecture ,thats what they say?

  14. heathenx Says:


    Yes, I use Inkscape at my workplace. I use Inkscape for many things. Probably use it the most to marry up CAD illustrations with artsy stuff for product manuals that I make. I make a lot of assembly instructions where I have draw/trace my hand around products.

    I haven’t come across any company or set of vendors that I work with that use Inkscape. We have an advertising agency that does most of our professional illustrations and they are an Adobe/Mac shop. Honestly, I haven’t seen anything that they have done where Inkscape couldn’t be used.

  15. Zlatko Nikolic Says:


    I always was ask my self, where is the real reason for not using Inkscape for professional projects, why not making money with open source tool, one thing I know there is a problems with professional printers, big printers in Serbia we call them ploters, they can work only with EPS, for cutting…
    I find on the web some companies use Blender,Gimp,Scribus and most popular OpenOffice for they every day business, but Inkscape? This screencast videos made by you are opening my eyes, Inkscape is powerfull vector tool, and I use this toy more and more. Maybe you can make some video tuts Inkscape V.S. Illustrator, Xara…

  16. heathenx Says:


    I’m not very fluent in Illustrator (and Xara much anymore). As a matter of fact, I can barely stand Illustrator. The only good features that Illustrator has are the extrude/revolve tool and some of their effects. The rest is crap. Xara on the other hand is nice. They have my respect. Too bad Xara doesn’t have a Linux version worthy of their Pro version. That would be software worth purchasing even if it wasn’t open-source. Still, I prefer cross platform software. Windows at work and Linux at home means I want to use the same software no matter the OS. Inkscape wins!

  17. Zlatko Nikolic Says:

    I use windows at my work(computer store/service), and at home, I give up from linux OS, on windows I use OpenOffice,Scribus,Gimp,Inkscape and Blender 2.45. Blender 2.45 is only on Ubuntu 8.04, and there are no compilet 2.45 version for latest versions of Ubuntu 9.04/9.10. On latest Ubuntu 9.10 was beta version of Inkscape, of K3B, Audacity… why beta, why not latest stable version, if linux want to be more stable OS than windows why they use unstable versions. I dont know how to compile software and thats was the and of Ubuntu on my pc. I hope you will make some tutorial how you make product manuals with Inkscape, forget Illustrator, I was thinking the same about this Adobe vector tool, all the time ask my self is there some hiden things or menus in Illustrator I dint know about? Dont forget about manuals you make.

  18. Micha Says:

    Man, thanks a lot, I got good grade in informatics subject 🙂 Love ya! 😀

  19. HayTay Says:

    Thanks for the honorable mention at the beginning of this tutorial, heathenx (even though you did mispronounce my name at least twice). 😉

    Kudos on your Orange Soda bottle cap and accompanying tutorial. I fiddle around with Inkscape (still using build 0.46) every once in a while but usually give up and return to Xara Xtreme. I think I’ll give your tutorial a try so I can get a bit more comfortable with Inkscape’s tools and interface. It’s always a plus to be able to use the strengths of different applications to get a job done better and more efficiently.

    Thanks again,

  20. heathenx Says:


    I’m so sorry for mispronouncing your name. How did I get KayTay stuck in my mind anyway? I always try to give credit to those that deserve it and sometimes when I do it’s a total half-assed attempt. I think perhaps I should concentrate a little harder when I screencast so that I don’t sound like a dope. I wing everything and it’s starting to REALLY show lately. 😐

    Btw, I’m a former Xara user. 🙂

  21. HayTay Says:


    Not a problem, I’ve been called much worse. 😉

    Since I had the day off from work I decided to work through this tutorial in Inkscape build 0.46 for Win32. I gave the entire ScreenCast a view through yesterday without attempting any of the steps. Today I finished all of the steps with only a single hitch, I forgot to center the ‘ORANGE SODA!’ text and didn’t realize it until almost the end. Oh well, my misstep was easily corrected.

    I must say the video tutorial was excellent and easy to follow. You’ve got me hooked! I think I’ll take a look through your other tutes to see which one I’d like to do next.

    I’m still a Xara Xtreme user but I think I’ll be checking Inkscape out a bit more to see what I can make it do for me (besides making spirals to import into XX, that is).

    Keep up the good work,

  22. Xbody Says:

    It looks very nice! Thank you for this tutorial.

  23. Samuel Justo Waskow Says:

    Thanks a lot. It was a very nice tip.


  24. Witteveen Says:

    This is great. I didn’t know about this new feature of Inkscape.

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  26. Sebastian Says:

    Hey, I love your tutorials.

    There’s one thing I came across … are you selling your stuff on fotolia.com?

    I found them by googling for “kronkorken.svg” and then hit the pics-search.

    Greets fom Germoney

  27. heathenx Says:


    Think FREE!

  28. Bill Says:

    The object to path and division did not work for me. I repeated the video several times to no avail.

  29. Bill Says:

    I had to re-copy the objects and repeat the steps