Episode 099

Episode 099 – Tilt-Shift Miniature

by heathenx

In this screencast I will illustrate how to make a tilt-shift miniature photo using Inkscape 0.47pre4.

The final image in this screencast is a little hard to see so if you want to take a look at something better then take a gander at this picture.

Also, check out Tilt-Shift Maker for an even faster way of making these images. Have fun. 🙂

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23 Responses to “Episode 099”

  1. screencasters.heathenx.org/blog » Blog Archive » Episode 099 – Tilt-Shift Miniature Says:

    […] Episode 099 is now available. Looks like I was able to get a screencast out in October after all thanks to Ubuntu Karmic Koala. […]

  2. Richard Querin Says:

    Whoa! It’s Mister Roger’s Neighbourhood!! 🙂

    Great stuff, looking forward to watching this one.

    Any luck in signing up Liza Minelli for the 100th show? What about Jerry Lewis? Or maybe the Amazing Kreskin as a fallback?

  3. heathenx Says:

    @Richard Querin

    Look! There’s a gunman in the book depository window. Run!

    100th show? I thought we were going to end things at 99. Just close up shop and walk away from it all. That was the advice we got from Chess Griffin, ‘member? 😉 Besides, we made our millions. It’s time for a vacation.

  4. James G Sack Says:

    Retire? No way! The choice of 3-digit episode numbers commits you to at least 999.


  5. James G Sack Says:

    Nice job on 099, BTW. Makes it look simple-n-easy.
    Keep the examples coming using 047 features. 🙂

  6. Tilt Shift Faking Minatures Says:

    […] […]

  7. Darth_Gimp Says:

    Is it me or are the colors of this cast waaaay off? I mean the yellows look blue to me.

  8. tomh Says:

    On the not quite black/white point, you do realise you can select black/white from the right-click menu from the “style indicator” area bottom left

    see Tav’s book for more details: http://tavmjong.free.fr/INKSCAPE/MANUAL/html/Attributes-Fill-Stroke.html#Attributes-Color-StyleIndicator

    I just find it quicker than mucking about with the fill/stroke dialogue 😉

  9. Darth_Gimp Says:

    NVM My video player’s colors were off for some reason…

    Thanks for the cast folks.. I love doing these in Gimp and have been doing them for some time, now I can love them in inkscape.

  10. Riccardo Says:

    Thank you heathenx, like always u did a very good job! I’m enjoing so much now tilt shift 😉

  11. narayan Says:

    I second the notion of continuing at least till 999 episodes.
    Just to be on safer side, why not add two more leading zeros? 🙂

    The next question is, what should be the subjects of these 10,000 episodes.
    Well, to start with, we can compare with GIMP, to show the equivalent vector method.
    In other words, take the MeetTheGIMP episodes, and try to achieve the same effect with InkScape.
    (The reverse is also true for MeetTheGIMP).

    Another idea for subject: It is high time to demo the new tools in InkScape.

    This vital part is missing in manuals, which provide dull examples which have no connection with real-world examples. Besides, they often take the same image and apply all filters to show the difference in filters. In many cases, the example does not even show what the filter is supposed to do!

    In contrast, we see real-world examples here; and there lies the inspirational value.

    So keep up the good work, and best of luck for the first MINOR milestone (a mere 100th episode)!

  12. heathenx Says:


    I was just kidding about ending things at 99. Richard and I will likely keep making these things into our 90’s. By then I’ll probably need a voice box so the screencasts will be hard to understand. Can’t imagine that technology getting better in the next 50 some years. 😛

    Yes, I would like to cover some of the new features in Inkscape 0.47 in future episodes. I have more ideas than I have time for so it will take a while to get to them. I keep chipping away at things I would like to cover and things that viewers have suggested. Plus, I have interests in other things so I am pulled in a dozen directions. I’m like a kid with ADHD when it comes to anything graphics related. I’m all over the place. 🙂

  13. narayan Says:

    Me too! Although I am nowhere near expert level, because my learning effort is scattered too much (GIMP, InkScape, Blender…).

    For the 90’s episodes, you’ll need a change in recording setup to avoid recording strange noises; such as drool-proof microphone, false teeth catcher, etc..

    And for us loyal fans, you will have to record at a much higher volume, HEY!
    And leave alone your title music: It is already loud enough! 🙂

  14. instantlx Says:

    Hi, thank you for your great job. I am using inkscape in ubuntu and I just found this problem:alt+mouse-left-click, as we know this is the shortkey to select sub-patten in Inkscape and it does work in windows. Meanwhile alt+mouse-left-drag is the default shortkey for moving window in ubuntu. In fact in ubuntu only the latter shortkey works, but I’d rather the former one work. Could you tell me how to deal with this?

  15. heathenx Says:


    In Gnome you’ll need to include the Super key with the Alt key to get the same behavior. Try Super+Alt_LMB.

  16. Don W Says:

    @ Guys,
    I need eps100 ASAP, I still have 93megs left on the DVD :-). Then I can start the 101-??? DVD. 😛

    Thanks for the first 99.
    (Did you plan for the first 100 to fit on one DVD?) :-))

  17. heathenx Says:

    Look for ep100 in the next 2-3 days. 😉

  18. Josh Says:


    Thanks for the tut! It is always fun to find ways to do the same project in different editors.

    I’m probably going to look like douche for mentioning this, but you pronounced vignetting “vin-jetting”, but it is actually “vin-yetting”. The “j” in the IPA pronunciation key on Wikipedia makes a “y” sound in English.

    Sorry for the douchery. Thanks again for the instruction, though!

  19. heathenx Says:


    Oh yes…you’re a total douche alright. 🙂 Seriously, thank-you for correcting me. I suuuuck at pronunciations anyway. “Vin-yetting” from now on.

  20. Patton Says:

    Love the show! Just recently got the pointer from Rolf over at Meet the GIMP http://meetthegimp.org/ and have blasted through the last 4 episodes in the last couple of days. This one was one that, for the truly detailed oriented, Gimp can do a better job if you are willing to take the time. But for this quick effect, Inkscape is awesome. I’ll need to do some more “studying” in your old “casts.” I have a couple of projects I wanted to work on, but they were too hard to do in GIMP so I have put off. Thanks Thanks Thanks!

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  23. Berti Says:

    real fun to know that trick and how to produce it in inkscape. another great piece of advice i´m happy for. thank you so much – and “keep on screencasting” please.