Episode 092

Episode 092 – Custom Markers

by heathenx

In this screencast I will demonstrate how to make custom markers in Inkscape 0.46.

I was hoping that episode 090 was going to be my last screencast using version 0.46. The soon to be released version 0.47 is not quite ready yet so I’ll have to be patient.

Also, I planned on waiting to release this episode until next week since Richard just posted episode 091. However, we could use some more OGG testing in browsers…so here’s another to fool around with. Regarding online viweing on this episode, I’m using a java applet (Cortado) as a fall-back for those not using Firefox 3.5 or for those who do not have the HTML5 Theora video tag support in their browser of choice.


23 Responses to “Episode 092”

  1. K.Oz Says:

    Nice one. Ogg worked perfectly again here (the intro was now 100% ok, although you didn’t change it ^^).
    But you forgot to edit this page to say “watch ogg video” instead of “watch flash viedo” when hovering over the picture/link to the video ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. heathenx Says:



  3. Aldo Says:

    Thank you for your videos and for using OGG container! ๐Ÿ™‚ It worked perfectly on my Linux box.

  4. AP Says:

    As usual, an excellent tutorial and the choice to use the new HTML5 “video” tag is an excellent one. Let’s get rid of Flash !! ๐Ÿ™‚ There is one tip that will be useful for every marker users : markers have a default color. To make markers and stroke color match, select the desired path(s), go to “Extensions” > “Path modification” > “Color markers to match stroke”. You’ll have to repeat this procedure if your path(s) stroke color is changed.

  5. Jay Says:

    Funny. Just as you recently published your change towards OGG/Theora and the Video Tag, this tag has been dropped from the HTML5 specification today!


    It is a sad day…

  6. heathenx Says:


    Oh, that’s friggin’ priceless! What an epic fail. I give up.

  7. Dyngo Says:

    I really hope M$ have the guts to challenge Apple now, and implement the videotag for OGG in ie (not likely).

    Ahwell, I really like that you changed the standard to OGG here on the screencasts, works really well.

    A question, what bitrate do you encode your ogg-videos in?

  8. heathenx Says:

    We’re not going to specify a bitrate on anything new. We just let ffmpeg2theora take the default. On average it’s 400-600kbps. You can use mediainfo to view that information…and see our meta tags. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. ropedy Says:

    Thanks for this screencast. It is fun to think that I use fill and stroke box quite much and markers takes lots of space there and I still had no idea what they are for. I might have opened some dropdown menu there but not gave that much thought about them.

    Anyway I tried markers out now and noticed following thing. When you do “Objects to Marker” option and it doesn’t seem to work at first time you dont actually need to redo this. You just need to open markers dropdown menu twice to get your marker to use.

    By the way, is there any way to get these oggs to fullscreen? What about volume control? Volume button seems to be at bottom right but it doesn’t seem react to anything.

  10. heathenx Says:

    Ah, thanks for the tip regarding re-doing the marker. I’m used to using 0.46+dev (0.47) now and when I stepped back into 0.46 I guess I expected things to work similarly. That little bug caught me off guard.

    Also, AP brought up a tip that I forgot to mention in the screencast. Extensions>Modify Path>Color Markers to Match Stroke is required if you want your marker to match your stroke color. Wish I had mentioned that. Doh!

    Typical fashion for me doing half-arsed tutorials. Everyone should be used to it by now, right? Just don’t call me a professional. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. heathenx Says:

    You obviously must be using a browser other than Firefox 3.5. That’s why you cannot adjust your volume. Fullscreen mode isn’t implemented yet but you can get a Firefox extension to do it. It’s my understanding that it’s a little buggy though. I recommend downloading the oggs if you want full control or using Firefox 3.5 for playback.

    The java applet that we are using as a fall-back for those without HTL5 Theora support sucks. Am I right? I’m researching a better way to handle things. We’re on the cusp of something new though so there aren’t many options. Things will get better over time. A player like the JW Player for Theora would be brilliant. iTheora has something close but it’s buggy. If you find something please let us know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. ropedy Says:

    Heh… I had some old version of Firefox. I expected to have newest version since Firefox have got autoupdated every now and then when starting it. After manual update it seems to be working without problems ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. JimR Says:

    Sorry, this comment was for Richards episode 90, I can’t remove it again ๐Ÿ™‚

    OGG video works fine in VLC on Windows XP. I did have to tell XP to open OGG in VLC though because it thinks it’s an audio format (which it also is by the way!). Why didn’t they give OGG video another extension?

    I might imagine this but I think the sound quality of the voice is a little worse that it just to be, a little hint of that ‘under-water’ sound you get on low quality MP3 files.

    best regards


  14. heathenx Says:


    Normally, Theora has an ogv extension now. We actually produce our videos into this extension. However, we had trouble getting ogv’s to play in FF3.5 so we renamed the ogv’s to ogg’s. After you download the ogg just rename it to ogv and then it will automatically open in VLC if you have that player mapped to that format. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    We’re using a lower quality on our audio to keep the file size down. We could always bump it up a notch but really it only effects the intro audio and perhaps Richard’s speedcasts. The voice portion doesn’t really require a higher bitrate. If we get more people complaining about this then we will crank up the bitrate some more. We kind of compromised between bitrate and file size.

  15. Darth_Gimp Says:

    Hey guys… love the new casts and the ogg is working… except I too cannot control the volume or have any control like pausing. I am using Ubuntu 9.04 and FireFox 3.5.5.

  16. rfquerin Says:

    @JimR – I feel pretty safe in saying that the poor audio quality of my cast is down to me. If you listen to heathenx’s episode 092 you’ll likely think it sounds just fine. I think it’s just poor recording/post-processing on my part. I have this hum on my machine and I usually try to remove the noise in Audacity. This is what I think is giving that slightly underwater feel. I plan to do some testing here and see if I can sort it out before I record my next one.

    Regarding ogg vs ogv, it’s weird because Mozilla has a demo video that plays fine in the browser but has the ogv extension.. yet we can’t seem to get it to work unless we rename ours to ogg. Dunno. But I bet Heathenx blames me! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Darth_Gimp – I’m not sure why you’re not getting working controls. Are you running the final release version of FF3.5 or an RC version? I think FF3.5 just showed up in the Ubuntu repos from what I (think) I read. Maybe heathenx can troubleshoot.

  17. MarkC Says:

    Regarding the ogv extension – you probably need to send the correct mimetype from your web server. In the case of Apache you need to add

    AddType video/ogg .ogv

    to a .htaccess file in your directory (or if you’ve got access to the main Apache config files there’s a mimetype section in there somewhere).

  18. heathenx Says:

    Indeed. That’s what it was. I added it and now we can play ogvs. Thanks for the tip. We’ll probably change the extension soon. For those who have downloaded any ogg’s, they can be renamed to ogv’s. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. walo Says:

    your tutorials rocks!!! and videos in ogg and html5 tooo. we dont need flash :-).

    Congratulations for your blog.

  20. MarkC Says:

    As a follow-up to my previous comment, I came across this post today which might be useful for you:


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