Episode 089

Episode 089 – All That and A Bowl of Soup

by Richard Querin

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to create a semi-realistic looking spoon and bowl using Inkscape 0.46. Using only a few different tools and techniques, you can get some pretty attractive results in a very short time.

Not much to say here except you’ll have to excuse my cat at around the 9 minute mark. He’s normally quite quiet when I record, but this time I guess he had some issues to get off his chest. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. screencasters.heathenx.org/blog » Blog Archive » Episode 089 - All That and A Bowl of Soup Says:

    […] Episode 089 is now up. This one is kinda fun and just makes some new things with what seems like the five or six tools I have in my Inkscape toolbox. […]

  2. cb2k Says:

    Another Master Class ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. instantlx Says:

    This looks nice,I’ll try it later.Thank you for your good job.By the way ,it’s 10:23 am May 17th now in China

  4. heathenx Says:

    Nice work, Richard. Highlights and gradients are one of my favorite subjects. Although, perhaps you could have used a My Little Pony tablecloth. I know you have one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. RK Castillo Says:

    Hey…I found another Inkscape Tutorial on how to make a light bulb icon at http://vector.tutsplus.com/tutorials/illustration/how-to-create-a-vector-light-bulb-icon-with-inkscape/

    You think you could do a tutorial on that one? I do better watching someone else do it than reading it….

  6. Darth_Gimp Says:

    Don’t be dissin the my Little Pony! Its ok Richared I gots yo back.. *displays some hand yoga*

    Looks like another episode of awesome to me. Now, how do we get “named color” into inkscape so we can easily change colors without re-drawing.

  7. gp Says:


  8. Morgan Says:

    Good job. Thanks!

  9. Hannes Maurer Says:


    I Like your Videos! They are very helpfull.
    But why did you not convert them to MP4, like meet the Gimp?
    Avi is still a little bit Big.


  10. heathenx Says:

    We tried to go to MP4 at one time (just like Rolf’s format) but the majority of our viewers did not want us to change. I remember there was an issue with B-Frames too bumping up the file size a little. We hadn’t completely worked the bugs out. Nevertheless, everyone including me has an opinion on codecs so no matter what we choose we cannot expect to make everyone happy. Just to let you know…I hate large file sizes for videos. I would love to get them down to about half of the typical size. If you think you can help us then we are open to ideas. Send us an email. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    There are several variables that account for file size. Just to name one, Rolf encodes at 640×480. We encode at 800×600 and 912×684. That alone makes a noticeable difference. We prefer a larger size so that folks can see what we are doing a little better.

    Rolf and I have shared encoding techniques with each other but our processes are quite different. He uses FFmpeg and we use MEncoder. I have a process for making MP4’s and had we switched we probably would have gotten better at making them but those scripts are shelved at the moment.

    I cannot speak for Richard but at this stage of the game I am more interested in the OGV format since it will be supported by HTML5 and Firefox 3.1 naively. Plus, we screencast directly into that format as well. Theora isn’t as good as H.264 but it’s good enough for screencasts. I can see OGV completely eliminating our H.264/MP3-AVI’s and FLV’s sometime down the road.

    There is no real argument for using the AVI container other than it has to be the easiest container to put stuff into. We started out with xvid until we noticed better quality with h.264.

  11. Hannes Maurer Says:


    Thank you for your reply.

    The AVI format will not discourage me, to download your great videos (great = good;-)) and view, of course.

    I actually wanted understand the background. And you have me explained it very well. Thank you for that.

    Greetings Hannes

  12. Shashi Says:

    Awesome!!! here’s mine -> http://shsh.110mb.com/foo/peasoup.svg

  13. cdeobald Says:

    I would just like to thank you. Your videos are a godsend. As a instructional technology support person in K-12 education, I have been creating and assembling collections of video tutorials for folks in the field, and the quality of your work makes your videos are a godsend.

    I have begun linking to some of your videos within a Moodle course (http://lms.chinooksd.ca/students/course/view.php?id=11070). If you feel this is inappropriate use of your material, let me know.

    I have one question, and one comment.

    First the question: what screen capture software are you using to create your tutorials, and does it allow you to edit the capture? I have been using Camtasia at work (on Windows) but I would also like to do some work on my home machine, which is Ubuntu 9.04. Since you say you do your work on Ubuntu, if you have any suggestions for good quality Linux screen-capture software, I would appreciate them.

    Next the comment. I presume that you would prefer that your videos draw traffic directly to your web site, but I have to say that Youtube’s introduction of HQ and HD video has drawn me away from Screencast.com, my previous choice. This would necessitate breaking up some of your longer videos, which would also be a hassle, so I can understand why you would prefer to stick with your current mode of delivery.

    Thanks again. Very well done.

  14. Bastian Says:

    What gnome theme were you using for this cast?

  15. Richard Querin Says:

    @Bastian – It’s actually the default theme for Crunchbang Linux (which is an Ubuntu based distribution). It uses Openbox themes for the window decorations and a GTK theme for the window controls. I’m assuming you could use it (the GTK theme) on any Gnome desktop though. I’m checking into whether either theme is available for download outside of the distro itself.


    Our Creative Commons licensing (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/) is pretty broad. You can use it for anything non-commercial (ie. you don’t make money from them). You can even modify them as long as you release them under the same CC license terms and give us some sort of attribution (just letting people know where you got them is plenty fine). So to make a long story short.. go right ahead! ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW – the link you posted in your comment is inaccessible. Maybe a login is required to reach it?

    The length factor (and driving some traffic to our site) has really steered us away from YouTube. I used to release several of mine there (and so has Heathenx) but we’re both pretty busy working so mirroring uploads to YouTube is just another step we’re too lazy to do. ; ) But obviously a lot of our stuff is too long for YT anyway.

    Both Heathenx and myself use RecordMyDesktop on Ubuntu. I happen to use the command line version but there is a GUI version and I think heathenx uses that. We basically record the whole thing straight through and then tack on the intro (and usually a sped-up intro in my case). We simply use mencoder scripts to do all of that (or most of it), there’s not much editing involved. Probably I do a whole lot more editing than heathenx just in terms of recording the intro, using mencoder to speed it up, then I use Audacity to clean up the audio and insert the music etc.). But no video editing to speak of really.

    That said, we’ve been playing with Blender for video editing lately (not for screencasts, but more home movie stuff). I quite like it because it’s stable and as intuitive (or even more intuitive) than just about any other Linux solution I’ve tried. I’ve created a couple of screencasts about it over on my own site. Check out: http://blog.rfquerin.org/category/blender/ if you want some info on that.

    Thanks for the comments guys. Glad you’re watching. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. cdeobald Says:

    Sorry, I should have specified that the Moodle site has Guest access allowed, so clicking on “login as guest” gets you in like Flynn.

    Thanks for the info.

  17. Bastian Says:

    @Richard Querin: Thank you, I tried the LiveCD and it is a nice distro

  18. JSH Says:

    quality screencasts – thanks

    what tool are you using to show the mouse clicks / ctl / alt selectors? I’m starting some screencasting & this is a nice way to show what’s happening

  19. rfquerin Says:

    @JSH – glad you like the screencasts. We use a utility called key-status to show the.. well.. status of the keys ;). You can find it at: http://programmer-art.org/projects/key-status-monitor

    Let us know about your screencasts once you get up and running with them. What are you thinking of screencasting about?

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  21. Resonance Says:

    Spoon is surprisingly difficult object to draw, especially while not following the tutorial strictly step by step. And each spoon in my collection has tons of reflections, none of them obeying my command to show light rays and shadows at just the right angle.

    Top down inside out inverse reverse


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