Episode 071

Episode 071 – Fabric Stitching

by heathenx

In this screencast I will try to simulate fabric stitching in Inkscape v0.46.

The idea for this screencast came from the amazing Photoshop tutorial website PSHERO.com. I don’t use Photoshop but many of their tutorials can be adapted to Inkscape. Be sure to check out their other brilliant tutorials as well. Thank-you PSHERO. 🙂

Moreover, there are many websites that offer free textures. Checkout CGTextures.com. The two textures that I used for this tutorial can be downloaded below:


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26 Responses to “Episode 071”

  1. screencasters.heathenx.org/blog » Blog Archive » Episode 071 - Fabric Stitching Says:

    […] anyone still read this blog anymore? If so then I posted a new episode, Episode 071. Please make me feel better by watching […]

  2. HERO Says:

    Great adaptation! Thanks for the link and compliments! -HERO

  3. Susan Bluerobot Says:

    WOW that is fantastic YOU ARE THE BEST!

  4. RedBirdiii Says:

    Pretty good! Things get very easy when you explain them.. thanks..

  5. Sarah Says:

    Great tutorial!

  6. Jakub Steiner Says:

    To compensate for the bitmap pattern ‘stitches’ artifacts, increase the bitmap oversampling setting in the preferences.

  7. stephen Says:

    Dood, I will never stop reading this blog.

    This particular tut will help me with a clothing website that I’m designing right now.

    Many thanks, keep up the good work.

  8. JoJo Says:

    Great Episode! Thanks!

  9. heathenx Says:

    Thanks everybody. 🙂

    Great tip. I don’t think I ever noticed that setting before.

  10. niceboy Says:

    Great work heathenx. Thanks.
    work : http://www.imagup.com/img/niceboy/214981.html

  11. Alberto Says:

    That is a wonderful tutorial. Great use of the Paths Effects. You’re great. Congratulations!!

  12. heathenx Says:


    Nice work. 🙂

  13. Darth_Gimp Says:

    Heathen you silly man you! I check this blog several times daily. Another great tut of course, now we need something from Richard. =)

  14. swmiller6 Says:

    I check here everyday…

  15. PJ Says:

    I also stalk you guys’ blog, and I daresay 90% of my knowledge of Inkscape comes from hours of watching and rewatching these videos <.< Keep up the good work. Pattern Along Path was the first effect I learned, so I’m attached to it, and it’s awesome seeing it get even more attention.

  16. Ben Says:

    Hey, awesome project and well presented! I was just linked here from planet.gnome.org… I can’t believe you’ve been doing this so long and I’ve never seen it before.

    When doing the “pinking shears” effect, I found that an easier way to do it is to create a rotated square and make Tiled Clones of it in a rectangle, then delete the clones inside the rectangle. Then you can Unlink the clones, Union the squares into a single path, and Difference it from the background rectangle. Does that make sense?

  17. heathenx Says:


    Yup, that makes perfect sense. Great tip. I figured that the crafty would figure out several ways of going about this. I thought of a few myself.

    Richard and I have been at this for about a year and a half now. Before we existed here we were posting individually on YouTube. Our videos are still there. When you get to YouTube do a search for “Inkscape”. You can find some on blip.tv too.

    Richard and I do not advertise much and that’s probably why you hadn’t noticed us before. We a bit “word-of-mouth”. As of recently, you can also find us on Graphics Planet and LinuxPlanet.org and we uploaded a few over at ShowMeDo (<- these guys have a lot of great content). Glad you found us. Hope you enjoy what you see. 🙂

  18. MWUK Says:

    Hey heathenx,
    Thanks for answering my request from the Flickr pages… I spotted this tut at PSHERO too (as i use it for Photoshop), but didn’t know how to interperate CS3 methods into inkscape methods(although i regularly use CS3 for some stuff- My icon for example).

    This should come in useful for my school DT project!


  19. heathenx Says:


    I knew exactly what you were referring to when you suggested it. I also lifted the license plate graphic that I posted to flickr from PSHERO too. What a great resource that website is. I love it. 🙂

  20. Darth_Gimp Says:

    Would love to see a screencast on the the plate…

  21. Richard Querin Says:

    @Darth_Gimp – what do you mean ‘on the plate’? Forgive me, I’m slow. Or so I’m told. 😉

  22. Crafty Things Says:

    Thanks for a great tutorial. Well explained and nicely paced for those of us just discovering our way with Inkscape.

  23. Xbody Says:

    Nice idea and without Photoshop! Great!

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  25. Bart Says:

    In version 0.48 the transformation V zigzag does not work, maybe a little hint? Under “effects editor path” little has changed

  26. heathenx Says:

    I don’t understand your statement. Although this tutorial is nearly five years old it should still work in the latest release. Can you give me the time stamp in the video where you are having trouble?