Episode 068

Episode 068 – Halftones

by heathenx

In this episode I will show you how to make halftones in Inkscape v0.46.

I used istarlome’s diviantART tutorial in order to learn how to make halftones. Also, Ryan Lerch posted a link to a Sidux tutorial on tiled clones as well. I thank all three of them for teaching me so that I could teach you. 😉


18 Responses to “Episode 068”

  1. thix Says:

    thanks, thanks, thanks! this was on the top on my i-want-to-know-how-to-do-this-with-inkscape list!

  2. mich Says:

    just wanted to prompt you that the video link for Episode 68 is correct when accessed here (your website)

    but linked to http://screencasters.heathenx.org/wp-content/videos/ep067.avi when accessed to rss (google reader)


  3. heathenx Says:


    Yeah, I noticed that just now. I wonder what is causing it? I cannot find a reference to ep067 anywhere in the ep068 code. We have been having some podpress issues ever since we upgraded WordPress to 2.6. Perhaps this is related in some way. I’ll try to track down the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. 🙁

  4. Serge Gielkens Says:

    A very, very neat way of creating halftones. By coincidence I am reading a book about printing which of course also deals with halftones. So, things come together here. Thanks!

  5. Alberto Says:

    This is the “you-did-it-when-i-needed-it”. Thank you so much

    It’s the very first time a comment the blog, but I guess is just the right time.


  6. Patrick Says:

    Very nice!!

    Half tones are very important for silk screening too. When preparing the screen you want the screen to either allow the ink through or not, nothing in between. So if you want grey tones you need half tones!

    This will be very handy for me. Inkscape and my open source buddies just keep empowering me more and more everyday.

  7. nathan Says:

    I use Kubuntu and I really like the screencast that you do and was curious what program that was and is the mouse program a plugin or separate program. Great work. Students still like them too.

  8. heathenx Says:


    It’s called Key Status Monitor (http://www.programmer-art.org/projects/keystatus) and should work on any Linux distro.

  9. Pam4Water Says:

    You know you can delete all the tile clones and leave the original using the remove button in the tile clone window. Save you the selecting step.

  10. heathenx Says:

    Great tip. Thanks, Pam4Water. 🙂

  11. Pam$Water Says:

    Ooops, forget to say you have to have the original selected. Even if you unselected the original you can reselect and do the remove.

  12. Justina Says:

    I am having a little problem…
    My result is smaller than the original, even thought I use the same size.
    Also, the dots are not as neat as they should be…
    Any ideas why?
    thanks a lot

  13. heathenx Says:

    Are you having problems on vector objects (first part of the video) or on raster images (second part of the video)?

  14. Aurelian Design Says:

    Is this broken in 0.47pre4? When I DON’T trace, the tiled clone array in the grid as you would expect. When I DO trace, the grid of tiled clones produced is no longer a square, but is skewed up and to the right. and sometimes the rightmost colum is in the wrong place.

  15. Aurelian Design Says:

    Oh – it appears to be a problem only when I set the size by width x height, instead of rows x columns. Still seems like a bug, though. I’d be interested to know what you think if you have a minute to try this.

  16. Aurelian Design Says:

    Lots of things seem broken in this area in 0.47, and in 0.46.

    Picking, and then applying color doesn’t seem to work. Well, you go to Fill and Stroke for a generated clone, and the color shows, but the display just shows all the clones as black. This is for a image traced above a square that gradients from green to blue.

    And the skew problem I mention above is hard to shake, especially in 0.47 (pre4).

    (Sigh. If you get the CAPCHA Code wrong, you lose the comment you typed!)

  17. heathenx Says:

    @Aurelian Design

    Yes, there is definitely a problem there in 0.47pre4. I haven’t tried half tones in over a year so maybe there is even a bug in 0.46.

  18. Aurelian Design Says:

    Thanks – I’ll report it.