Episode 067

Episode 067 – Intro to Spiro

by heathenx

In this episode I take a look at a semi-current development release of Inkscape to show off some of the new Spiro capabilities. Spiro is NOT included in the latest v0.46 stable release. I used Inkscape SVN Revision 19338.

Please review Andy Fitzsimon’s recent blog post on Spiro as well.

Update (10-13-09): If anyone is looking for Spiro then grab a pre-release of Inkscape 0.47 until 0.47 is officially released. The Spiro feature has changed a little but not so much that you cannot figure it out.


59 Responses to “Episode 067”

  1. heathenx Says:

    Thank-you. I appreciate that (and so does Richard, I’m sure).

    Indeed, I have some new ideas for 0.47 screencasts. However, what I could really use is more time to screencast. Dipping my toes in too many other Inkscape (and Blender) fronts. Hard to keep up sometimes. 😉

  2. Aurelian Design Says:

    I just download 0.47 development build 22040 and have the following observations.

    First, the “From clipboard” option is not really that much like a brush, per se. It is, more accurately, a thickness scheme. For example, if you make a small square, rotate it 45 degrees, copy it to the clipboard, and use that for a pencil or bezier object, the result will start thin, be thickest halfway through, then go thin again. This is the same as the thickness of the rotated square, viewed from the left side moving towards the right side. Sometimes you can’t exactly see this if the Spiro smoothing does weird things, so set the smoothing to a fairly low value when trying this.

    Second, why doesn’t the bezier tool have a smooting setting??

  3. heathenx Says:

    @Aurelian Design

    The bezier tool does have a smoothing option. It ls called auto-smooth and it’s a node type. It doesn’t and shouldn’t work the same way as the pencil tool because beziers only lays down one node at a time whereas the pencil tool can lay down a bunch of nodes as you move your cursor. With that many nodes one would find a smoothing option rather handy. At least it makes sense to me.

  4. Aurelian Design Says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. But I don’t get it. When I select the Smoothing “Mode” for the Bezier tool, and then draw a polygon, nothing interesting happens. The nodes are connected by straight lines, and the node types are not the new auto-smooth node type. The hover text for the Smoothing Mode says it will create a Sprio path, but that doesn’t seem to happen.

  5. heathenx Says:

    @Aurelian Design

    Perhaps you misunderstood what I was trying to explain. Draw a jagged bezier curve first. Something that looks like a heartbeat graph. Make sure you are not using the spiro option. There is a zig-zag option but it isn’t necessary to use to illustrate my point. Anyway, once you lay down a heartbeat looking graph, select the path with your node tool and highlight one of the corner nodes…doesn’t matter which node. Just make sure you don’t select your starting or ending node. Then click your auto-smooth node option from the dynamic node button toolbar. You should get a nicely rounded path where you once had sharp corners.

    I understand that this may not be exactly what you were looking for with the bezier tool, nervertheless, I wanted to point out the new smoothing node type that is not the same but similar to smoothing with the pencil tool.

  6. Aurelian Design Says:

    I did understand about the auto-smooth nodes. But I don’t understand why there is a Spiro mode for the bezier tool if it doesn’t do anything. I realize you didn’t write Inkscape, and appreciate all the help you’ve given everyone!!

  7. BobSongs Says:

    Forgive my sporadic comments; I would *gladly* download and or view online any of your blender tutorials. Four major software products for FOSS in my mind are: Blender3D, Inkscape, GIMP and Scribus, among many other projects.

    Note to Richard: Yes, indeed! Many thanks for your valuable input in making these tutorials as well, and to the good folks who help in any unseen way (even if it’s someone who generously donates a casserole as you record). You folks are nearing tutorial 100. I thank you for your patient work.

  8. More Spirals with Spiro Splines « Serenblip's Blog Says:

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  9. Jane Hawkins Says:

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