Episode 062

Episode 062 – Raster Image Perspective Effect

by heathenx

In this episode I will demonstrate how to manipulate a raster image by applying a perspective effect with the help of Imagemagick and then using that in my vector project. I will be using Inkscape v0.46.

You will need to download and install Imagemagick for your operating system, if you don’t already have it, in order to use the terminal command that I demonstrate in the tutorial. If you are using a Debian based distro, such as, Ubuntu then it’s as simple as a “sudo apt-get install imagemagick” in a terminal. Binaries are also available for Windows and Mac users.

You may visit imagemagick.org for a closer look at this small but powerful package. For specific information regarding the the perspective distort then cruise over to this link.

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11 Responses to “Episode 062”

  1. Silvio Says:

    Hello guys,

    I prefer the .avi format because it is simpler to modify. I always use with Virtualdub.
    On top of that, in the past, I noticed some softwares to burn cd-dvds don’t support the MP4 format.

    I can’t tell anything about the quality of the videos. In particular, their resolution.
    Those downloaded from the heathenx. org were top-notch as resolution.
    On the other hand, I downloaded some MP4 videos from the Meet the Gimp web-site and they were great as quality too.

    Best regards,


  2. heathenx Says:

    < I prefer the .avi format because it is simpler to modify. I always use with Virtualdub... Well, I cannot argue with that. Our AVI's are pretty easy to work with. However, if you tell us how you want to modify our videos for your personal use then maybe we can help you, regardless of what format they are in. Richard and I aren't encoding experts but we have learned a few tricks.

  3. Andrés Says:

    I’m an another one that prefer te .avi format, and it’s not only for the BIG size of the new .mp4 format videos. I don’t modify the video tutorials, I use them such a guide for my “home works” …

  4. Patrick Says:

    Hey Heathenx

    Thanks for the tutorial! I love Inkscape but I think it is also really valuable to discuss special features of related open source graphics programs and work flow patterns between them. These Apps do not replace Inkscape they compliment it. I am presently learning about Povray’s features and I have been slowly teaching myself Blender for quite some time too.

    Thanks for taking the time to teach others.

    P.S I’ll get back to you on the video file question, neither has been too problematic.

  5. Radek PL Says:

    I prefer the .avi format.

  6. heathenx Says:

    I changed the download link from MP4 to AVI.

    Thanks for your input everyone. 🙂

  7. John Says:

    Hi, I tried to download this video but it stops at 7.2 megs or so… This has never happened before so I was wondering if it was a problem with either the file or the server? Is there an alternate link from which I can download this episode? Thank you, and good job so far 😀

  8. heathenx Says:


    Hmm…mine seems to be working. I suppose there could be a few things causing your bad download. Let me re-upload the avi again and and see if that has an effect. Sorry. 🙁

    Alternatively, you could download the mp4 (from our blog page) if you don’t mind downloading another 20mb and if you don’t mind the mp4 format.

    Also you can download the flv. When you go to the streaming link: http://screencasters.heathenx.org/wp-content/videos/ep062/ep062.html just remove the .html part and replace with .flv. Or just throw http://screencasters.heathenx.org/wp-content/videos/ep062/ep062.flv into a wget command and pull it down without the use of a browser.

  9. John Says:

    I was finally able to download it, I tried it on my connection at home and it worked. It’s funny though, apparently with my college LAN I was unable to do so even though I was able to download the other episodes with it… Oh well, thanks for the suggestions though. And keep up the great work.

  10. fwolf Says:

    note about the cast and use of ImageMagick: You could have simply wrote the following code down to convert ALL images in your directory – its the same I usually use if I’ve got to convert / edit more than one image with IM:

    for i in *.png; do convert $i -matte -virtual-pixel transparent -distort Perspective '0,0,0,0 90,0,90,0 90,0,90,2 90,90,90,91' `basename $i .png`_pers.png; done

    note the differences between the so-called “backtick operator” and the normal single quotes!

    cu, w0lf.

  11. heathenx Says:


    Awesome! Thanks for the tip.