Episode 037

Episode 037 – DVD Software Box

by heathenx

In this tutorial I will illustrate how to make a DVD software box in Inkscape v0.45

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18 Responses to “Episode 037”

  1. kholish Says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial…

    Would you like to give us a tutorial on how to design a folding carton use Inkscape, please ?
    The DVD Software Box video that you provide above is just handle the finish 3D perspective Box. I want learn on how to create the flat box, then after finish we can print them. After that, we can glue the print out of flat box and the result will be like image at episode 37 above.

    Thanks !!!

  2. heathenx Says:

    Well, I don’t know about Richard but I have never done a folding carton before. I guess you and I are in the same boat. I suppose that I could look into it for you.

  3. kholish Says:

    Hi heathenx….

    Hmmm, I cant wait for the tutorial…
    Hope Richard have experience on fold packaging, so he can share it to us…..

    Cheers !

  4. rfquerin Says:

    I think that sounds like a neat idea. I’ve been thinking of doing something similar for a CD- mini-jewel case CD cover. A general carton design must be neat. No, I don’t know the first thing about it. But then again, that’s never stopped me before!!


  5. Serge Gielkens Says:


    One question. In order to use the perspective tool on an object, that object has to be a path. The DVD logo and your own logo for the DVD box, are they paths and not bitmaps? Especially your logo looks like a bitmap to me.

    Anyway, very nice tutorial. Thanks, Serge

  6. heathenx Says:

    Hello Serge.

    Glad that you are enjoying our videos.

    To answer your questions…yes, everything MUST be a path first before using perspective and no, I am not using any bitmap images. Everything is vector. 😉

    The next version of Inkscape, 0.46, will make a project like this much easier with the 3D box feature. Cannot wait until it’s officially released.

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  8. Viktor Says:

    Thanks for these great tutorials!
    I tried to do this in Inkscape 0.46 but the perspective effect doesn’t work as expected. I don’t know why, but the gradients are not transformed with the paths, so I have to readjust the gradients after applying the perspective effect. This is very frustrating when working with complex artwork. Any idea for a workaround?

  9. Richard Querin Says:

    @Viktor – Check under File->Inkscape Preferences. Under the Transforms section there are a series of checkboxes.. make sure ‘Transform Gradients’ is checked off. I have all 4 options checked off. Let us know if that helped. Glad you like the screencasts. 🙂

  10. Viktor Says:

    Tried that, but it didn’t help. I checked it on Windows XP and Ubuntu Hardy as well, the result was the same, the gradient stays at its original location. Any suggestion how to do perspective on paths with gradients properly?

  11. Richard Querin Says:

    @Viktor – There is a toggle button for it as well, but I assume it’s likely the same thing: http://ryanler.wordpress.com/2007/08/17/inkscape-help-my-gradients-dont-move-when-i-move-an-object/

    Sometimes when I have issues with the perspective effect I ungroup and regroup my paths (if it’s a group of paths). Or even sometimes ungrouping, duplicating and regrouping (to create a new set of paths) sometimes helps.

    Failing that, I highly recommend joining up over at http://inkscapeforum.com and asking there. You’ll likely get a lot more eyeballs on the problem over there and might find someone with similar issues.

  12. Viktor Says:

    By the way, did you use gradients in the predesigned cover used in this screencast?

  13. heathenx Says:

    Not sure I understand your last question. Are you talking about the DVD box or the LCD image?

  14. mark Says:

    not sure if you read back this far or not, but was doing something similar, but having trouble blurring a line from the bezier tool as shown in this tutorial. Using 0.47. The selection appears to grow as if it is blurring it, but doesn’t show the effect. Just me?

  15. mark Says:

    nevermind – seems to be only if I draw the line along the guide the blur doesn’t work quite right.

  16. catpoop Says:

    Hi, thanks for your screencast!
    There are some pitfalls with perpective, here is a usefull link: http://www.brankovukelic.com/post/716617691/complete-guide-inkscape-perspective

  17. jim Says:

    The menu item ‘effects’ is no longer there in .48

    This screencast is out of date.

  18. heathenx Says:

    That’s why I list the version number in the episode description. The Effects menu is now the Extensions menu in newer versions.