Episode 035

Episode 035 – Perspective Reflections

by Richard Querin

This Inkscape screencast demonstrates a method of creating realistic reflections using masks including those of objects in perspective.

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6 Responses to “Episode 035”

  1. franky Says:

    Hi, I’m looking at your usefull video tutorial and I have a question: why do you use a mask insted of a simple gradient to make reflection of an object? There are some differences in results? I tried both method and I did not find differences.

  2. heathenx Says:

    A mask will blend into any background color where a gradient will not. Draw a large rectangle, color it differently than your background and slide it under your reflection and see what happens.

  3. Richard Querin Says:

    What also makes using masks much better for reflections is the fact that you can create a reflection of a group of multiple objects. To do that with gradients, you’d have to adjust the gradient of each and every single object and you’d have to make them all match properly. With masking, you can just group the objects and fade them to transparent with a single operation. So you can make reflections of very complicated objects very easily.

  4. Evol Jenius Says:

    Before I did the skew, I lined up the top left corner and moved the crosshairs to that corner. Is there any reason not to do it that way?

  5. Richard Querin Says:

    @Evol Jenius

    Actually that’s a much better way to do it. Of course I only realized that probably a couple of hours after I had recorded the screencast. 🙂 Definitely that’s the way I do it now. Makes much more sense.

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