Episode 028

Episode 028 – Create a Ribbon over Logo Text

by heathenx

In this tutorial I will illustrate how to draw a ribbon over logo text in Inkscape v0.45.

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14 Responses to “Episode 028”

  1. Jimbo Peust Says:

    wow man you got an amazing blog here.

  2. Xbody Says:

    How you create the ribbon is really cool…

  3. Lisa Says:

    I’ve learned so much from your tutorials, thanks!

    I have a question that I can’t seem to find an answer for on the net. Snapping is new to me, and when I try to snap two object edges together, the objects overlap instead of snapping edge to edge.

    I’m running Inkscape 0.48 that a friend compiled for me. (Don’t know if that’s the reason.)

    Any ideas or advice?


  4. heathenx Says:


    I’m on build 0.47+devel r9541. I’m not seeing the same behavior. I’m snapping two squares together with the bounding box snap. No overlapping. It seems to behave as it should. Have you tried turning off all snap options and one by one flipping them on to see what works? Maybe if snapping isn’t working then you could opt to use Align and Distribute instead.

  5. Richard Querin Says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Snapping seems to work fine for me on 0.47. You should make sure you’ve got snapping enabled along with ‘snap bounding box corners’ and ‘snap to edges’. For some reason you have to have the corners setting enabled to enable the ‘edges’. Doesn’t make sense to me. But here’s a screenshot of what I mean: http://imagebin.ca/view/XU6mkdZa.html

    Of course you might have done all this and still it doesn’t work right. In that case I’m probably not much help (as usual). 😉

  6. Lisa Says:

    You guys rock, thanks!
    The problem was that I was going into my Inkscape preferences only… I was too blind to see that the snap buttons were there all along. That screenshot really helped. I appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muchos, muchos gracias!

  7. Edward Says:


    I’m a bit late to this tutorial but was wondering if you could still help me?

    I can’t get the perspective text to work at the end. I write my text, do object to path then select the shape and text and do perspective. It comes up with a message that says the text is not a path but a group. Looking at it again, when I make the text a path it becomes a group of 4 objects (as my text is “2012”).

    I’m using 0.48.2, any help on this would be useful, thanks.


  8. heathenx Says:

    They changed some things since version 0.47. Now you have to convert text to path, ungroup, and the combine all of the letters back into one single path again before you use perspective. Should work like a charm after that.

  9. Edward Says:


    Thanks for that. I did manage to get a perspective effect but it didn’t mimic the shape I drew like yours does (I drew the same shape as you).

    Also it gets rotated and flipped and appears way off to the left?

    I’m clueless as to what I’m doing wrong and any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  10. heathenx Says:

    If your text gets rotated after applying the perspective effect then you may have started your bezier path from some other point than the lower left position. If you rotate or flip your path and then apply your effect you will get different results. Start with lower left, upper left, upper right, lower right, and then close the path.

    As for something getting blown off to the side, I’m not sure what is going on there. I just tried this in version (win7) and it works great…just like it should.

  11. Edward Says:


    Got this to work thanks to your help.

    I was also wondering how come you haven’t done any screencasts for a while?

    Thanks again.

  12. heathenx Says:


    Not much time to make new episodes.

  13. Gasoline transfer tanks Says:

    The step by step tutorials you’ve provided are really useful. Many users find it hard to create ribbon over logo text. This will certainly make the task easier.

  14. Fernando Says:

    Still watching this and following your site even when it’s 2013… please don’t shut it down, it’s a great learning center 😀