Episode 027

Episode 027 – Create Playing Cards

by heathenx

In this tutorial I will illustrate how to draw playing cards in Inkscape v0.45.

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3 Responses to “Episode 027”

  1. .crashsource » heathenx.org - Tutorials fuer Inkscape Says:

    […] wie man ein Herz erstellt gibt es schon, wie mir heathenx gerade mitgeteilt hat. Es findet sich in diesem Tutorial. Ich bin rundum […]

  2. Nick Says:

    Great Tutorial. But there was a much simpler way that you could have made the diamond. All you had to do was make a square, rotate it 45 degrees, and then stretch it upwards. All opposite corners would have been aligned with each other perfectly and it probably would have saved a lot of time.

  3. Xbody Says:

    Works Well! Nice tuto, I like it!