Episode 026

Episode 026 – Device Graphic

by Richard Querin

This screencast uses gradients and shadows to create a pseudo-3D device graphic (hard drive box etc.) using Inkscape.

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10 Responses to “Episode 026”

  1. vidiot Says:

    Whats the music in this video?
    Sounds like Rockabilly… (cool)


  2. heathenx Says:

    Rockabilly? Are you sure it’s not Celtic Women? Wait, no. I think Richard is reserving them for his next screencast.

  3. Richard Querin Says:


    That was a song called Hot Papa, by a Canadian blues-rock musician called David Wilcox. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Wilcox_(Canadian_musician)). He never really made it big in the states I don’t think. Pretty much a lot of college type tours. I saw him when I was in University.

    His reputation of drunkeness and drugs preceded him, and I think he was probably coked up when I saw him play, but man was he ever frickin’ good. Awesome guitar player. Completely underappreciated by most of North America I think.

    And I’m thinking of maybe Nana Mouskouri for the next screencast. 😉

  4. ThThThatsAllFolks Says:

    This and episode 17 did not want to play for me on my computer.

  5. heathenx Says:

    Hmm…it plays just fine for me. Are you having trouble with online or offline play?

  6. Xbody Says:

    The sound doesn’t work again.

  7. Richard Querin Says:

    Hey Xbody,

    It plays fine for me. I just checked. What are you using?

  8. Xbody Says:

    I’ve got Firefox 3.6 for Windows and Flash Player 10.0 r45. But with Internet Explorer it works fine.

  9. Xbody Says:

    Nice tuto. I just had some problems to creat a node. Good work!

  10. RAFAEL Says:

    Great tut, thanks.