Episode 008

Episode 008 – Create a Paper Clip

by heathenx

This tutorial illustrates the steps needed to create a paper clip in Inkscape v0.45.


5 Responses to “Episode 008”

  1. EarlyBlake Says:

    I tried this in 0.46 and I couldn’t make that it work. I think I remembered trying this 0.45 and having to work.

  2. heathenx Says:


    There should be no difference in 0.45 and 0.46 (as it relates to this screencast). Make sure that you are converting your strokes to paths first before applying a blur.

  3. kenfallon Says:

    Screen shots: https://picasaweb.google.com/112013475634398538426/Episode008
    SVG: http://kenfallon.com/files/ep008.svg

  4. anton Says:

    it’s simple, quick and beauatiful. thanks !

  5. Rafael Says:

    …and I learned bevel, two in one lesson. Thanks!