Episode 005

Episode 005 – Reflected Text

by Richard Querin

Here’s a quick and dirty demonstration of creating mirrored text using Inkscape. The sound should be better since I’m using the Logitech headset I just bought.

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4 Responses to “Episode 005”

  1. faraon Says:

    Not found

  2. Larry Says:

    Very useful, and also succinct. I’m a beginning user and really appreciate these.

  3. Richard Querin Says:


    Glad you’re finding them useful. As a beginner, you might also find our microsodes useful (see the link up at the top of our site near the header). These are short screencasts that cover a lot of FAQ sorts of things.

  4. Ken Fallon Says:

    I took the liberty of creating screen shots of this episode https://picasaweb.google.com/112013475634398538426/Episode005

    The svg can be found at http://kenfallon.com/files/ep005.svg