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Episode 097

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Episode 097 – Retro Style Curves

by heathenx

In this screencast I will demonstrate how to pattern along a path to make retro style curves in Inkscape 0.46.

I apologize for the piss-poor quality of this screencast. I rushed it because I was being rushed. Unfortunately, I’m not going to have a lot of time to screencast in the next week or two so it was either today or not at all. Good enough will have to do. 😉

Episode 096

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Episode 096 – Axonometric Grids

by Richard Querin

In this episode, I demonstrate how to use Inkscape’s Axonometric Grid feature to create some simple isometric illustrations.

Note: Tom pointed out in the comments that I didn’t really explain how to get a rectangle (or text etc) onto that isometric plane. I used a simple technique for the text in the intro to this episode which I didn’t explain in the video. It’s quite useful when you’re creating diagrams. So I’ve decided to point to a PDF file I’ve created explaining this technique. It’s actually very easy. Thanks Tom. Here’s the tutorial pdf file.

While most of you won’t notice much difference in the video (hopefully), apart from some final transcoding to ogv and flv formats, I put this one together using Blender. So you might notice a short fade out to black at the end and a short cross fade between the sped-up intro and the main screencast. I’m really a big fan of editing video in Blender and it was nice to see that I could do the video editing with it. As my skills improve hopefully the end results will get better.

Also arguably noteworthy is the fact that I used my Snowflake mic to record the audio on this one. It’s still far from perfect (it sounds a little overmodulated to me at times), but I think it’s better than the noisy hum-ridden Logitech headset that I’ve been using. I’m definitely going to tweak the positioning of it.

If anybody’s interested in attending the Ohio Linux Fest on September 25,26 in Columbus, both Heathenx and I will be there. Drop us a note in the comments if you’ll be attending and maybe we can meet up.

**** Note: I think there is something wrong with the streaming OGV file. The flash version plays fine (in non Firefox3.5 browsers) but when viewing the streaming ogv file in FF3.5 it seems to stop right after the inital 12 sec intro. At least on my machine. I’d really like others to fill me in on whether or not the streaming ogv file played correctly in their FF3.5 browsers for them.

**** Update: I’ve temporarily made the streaming version Flash for everybody so it should stream fine now. We’ll switch it back once we get it fixed.

**** Update 2: Heathenx has saved the day and corrected the problem. It’s now ogv and working fine.

Episode 095

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Episode 095 – Coffee Stain

by heathenx

In this episode I’ll take a look at creating a coffee stain in Inkscape v0.46.

Episode 094

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Episode 094 – Inkscape, Blender, and Gimp Merry-Go-Round

by heathenx

In this screencast I will demonstrate how to pull Inkscape, Blender and Gimp together in order to produce some artwork. I will be using Inkscape 0.46, Blender 2.49a, and Gimp 2.6.6.

I have been wanting to screencast Blender along with Inkscape for quite sometime now. I tried to keep this tutorial rather simple for the sake of the screencast but I’m pretty sure the real artist in you can take the fundamentals and expand on it.  I have to say that combining Inkscape and Blender artwork is rather fun and once you get the hang of Blender then you might find yourself in it all of the time. Here’s an example of a Blender bottle that I modeled from an Inkscape sketch. The bottle was rendered out of Blender and brought into Inkscape where I had added a 2D label. Spic and span. 🙂

I would like to thank Christian from Chrisdesign for giving me the inspiration.

If you want to examine the files that I used for this screencast then grab the archive from here.

Update: Sorry everyone. I forgot to attach the Stereofidelic font that I used. It can be found here.

Episode 093

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Episode 093 – Circular Arrows

by Richard Querin

In this tutorial I demonstrate one way of creating a set of circular arrows using Inkscape 0.46. This method is applicable to all sorts of paths (not just circles).

Viewer Stefan Timm emailed in a question a couple of weeks back inquiring how to accomplish this. And while not all emailed questions get answered with a screencast episode, this one ended up being quick, useful and likely valuable for illustrating the more general concept of placing objects on a path in Inkscape.

Seeing as how heathenx has figured our way out of the video format mess for the moment (see this), note that Firefox 3.5 users should get a nice streaming ogg file, while others will see a streaming flash version. Of course everybody can download the ogg and view offline. But by all means, if you have problems, let us know in the comments to this post, we want to make sure our viewers are happy (or at least not too miffed!) 😉

ps. The sound on this one should be significantly better than my last episode (091). I went back to my older Logitech headset which got rid of most of the hum and leaned a little less on noise reduction in Audacity. It’s far from perfect but definitely better I think.

Episode 092

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Episode 092 – Custom Markers

by heathenx

In this screencast I will demonstrate how to make custom markers in Inkscape 0.46.

I was hoping that episode 090 was going to be my last screencast using version 0.46. The soon to be released version 0.47 is not quite ready yet so I’ll have to be patient.

Also, I planned on waiting to release this episode until next week since Richard just posted episode 091. However, we could use some more OGG testing in browsers…so here’s another to fool around with. Regarding online viweing on this episode, I’m using a java applet (Cortado) as a fall-back for those not using Firefox 3.5 or for those who do not have the HTML5 Theora video tag support in their browser of choice.

Episode 091

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Episode 091 – Comic Bubbles

by Richard Querin

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to create simple comic-style speech and action bubbles using Inkscape 0.46. This one is relatively short and simple. I have seen a few different ways people create these types of things, and I think the method I use here is one of the simplest and most customizable.

This episode marks our switchover to the OGG format. Heathenx will be posting about it soon with more details, however if you’re using Firefox 3.5 (or beta versions of Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, or any other browser that supports HTML5) you should be able to view the episode right in your browser. If you don’t, you can download the ogg file and view it offline. We recommend SMPlayer or VLC for that.

Given the aforementioned change in format, we fully expect to hear about any problems or questions in the comments to this post. Feel free to tell us how it works (or if it doesn’t) and we’ll help out in any way we can if you have problems.

Hope you like it.

Episode 090

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Episode 090 – Create a CD/DVD Jewel Case

by heathenx

In this episode I’ll draw a simple CD/DVD jewel case in Inkscape 0.46.

I got the inspiration for this screencast from I cut some corners in this episode in an attempt to reduce my recording time. Feel free to compare my final image with the original and add what I left out or add your own spices to it. 😉

Also, here is the color palette that I used. Use it to get you started but tweak the colors further for your own tastes.

Episode 089

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Episode 089 – All That and A Bowl of Soup

by Richard Querin

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to create a semi-realistic looking spoon and bowl using Inkscape 0.46. Using only a few different tools and techniques, you can get some pretty attractive results in a very short time.

Not much to say here except you’ll have to excuse my cat at around the 9 minute mark. He’s normally quite quiet when I record, but this time I guess he had some issues to get off his chest. 🙂

Hope you enjoy it.

Episode 088

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Episode 088 – Wrap Text Around a Globe

by heathenx

In this episode I will demonstrate how to wrap text around a three-dimensional globe in Inkscape v.046.

I used a fairly new extension from Gerrit Karius (aka G33K) called Bezier Envelope. If you want to follow along or use the Bezier Envelope for whatever future purpose then be sure to download it here. Thanks Gerrit. 🙂

Update: Gerrit has released an updated Bezier Envelope extension for Inkscape version 0.48. Grab it here. We can now use more than just 4 nodes. Here’s a sample. Thank-you Don Waters for getting in touch with Gerrit and making this happen. 🙂