Lumiera – Logo Contest

November 13th, 2008 by rfquerin

Pat (from TLLTS fame) just pointed out to me that Lumiera, which is a relatively young project aimed at re-writing the Cinelerra video editor, is having a logo contest.


I believe the deadline for submissions is November 30 so you haven’t got long. The details can be found right here.


So if you’re interested in putting those Inkscape chops to good use, give it a shot!

Cheers and good luck!

2 Responses to “Lumiera – Logo Contest”

  1. Joel Holdsworth Says:

    Wow! HeathenX – I’m amazed. I’m Joel Holdsworth, the UI maintainer for Lumiera. I subscribe to your feed. I gotta say the stuff you do is great, keep it coming.

    Our project is still really tiny. I’m amazed that you A) heard about us B) thought it important enough spread the news. I’m very happy though. It’s great to see the community getting so excited even as early as this. Also, good visuals are very important to me; I’d hate to have some crappy logo plastered all over my UI, so I’m very happy that lots of people are getting involved with this. Already we’ve had many sudmissions, and a few of them are VERY good. We’re really looking forward to any other ideas people send us. It’s really exciting to see what people can come up with.

    Thanks again
    Joel Holdsworth

  2. heathenx Says:

    Howdy Joel.

    Actually, Richard wrote this post as he was the one that got the tip from Pat. I hadn’t heard of Lumiera until Richard brought it to my attention. I’m rather excited about your project since I find Cinelerra not to friendly for new users. If you can make it better it sure would make our lives easier. I wish you well and hope everything goes accordingly for you. I’ll be checking Lumiera out from time to time to monitor your progress.

    Take care 🙂