Episode 051 – Old School Monitor

February 7th, 2008 by heathenx

In Episode 051 I demonstrate how to draw an old console type monitor in Inkscape. The screencast was running long so I chose not to illustrate any dials or buttons. Looks a little odd, I know. The important thing at least for me was to draw the bezel around the the monitor screen. This was my very first attempt at such a thing. I’m sure the lighting is not any where near accurate but to the casual eye it should look alright. I wonder if there is a better, faster way to draw the bezel.

Also, I didn’t realize it until I was finished but this monitor almost fits in with the Tango guidelines for icons. Whooda thunk?

Get comfortable for this video. This is my longest screencast yet at about 28 minutes long. Also, I have been noticing that the video quality of my openSUSE screencasts has been getting worse. It doesn’t seem to be what it was. I think my older screencasts had sharper resolution. I’ll have to look into this…hmm…

This screencast is dedicated to Patrick…you know who you are. 🙂

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