Xubuntu Alongside gOS’s Enlightenment

December 18th, 2007 by heathenx

If some of you caught a previous post of mine, I bought an Everex gOS PC recently for my kids for Christmas. Like I had said before I thought that this PC would be perfect for children. It’s a budget PC with a budget OS that should handle the tasks of a 9, 8, and 4 year old quite nicely. My kids do not fully understand or appreciate the beauty of cheap hardware and a bitchin’ operating system. They just want it to work and they’ll put pressure on the ‘ole man if it’s not. So I’m hoping that this computer handles their needs.

So I was thinking about my xubuntu experience from last night. I was so impressed with xubuntu’s polish that maybe it would be a better fit for my kids in comparison to gOS’s Enlightenment desktop manager. Don’t get me wrong, gOS’s Enlightenment desktop manager is pretty sweet too but there will be a slight learning curve for them. I installed gOS in VirtualBox so that I could get myself familiar with it in the meantime. There are a few things that I find difficult to use in Enlightenment. If they are difficult for me then those difficulties will be amplified for my kids.

In theory since gOS is based on ubuntu 7.10 and since I have access to the ubuntu repositories, I should be able to install xubuntu (ubuntu, kubuntu, and edubuntu) if I wanted. That way they could choose which one to use.

So I put it to the test. I booted into gOS in VirtualBox and installed xubuntu. I logged out after it finished installing and I was back at the gOS login screen. At this login screen I could NOT pick which session to run. So I just logged in and to my surprise I logged into xubuntu. From here I changed the login screen from gOS to xubuntu’s default so that I could choose which session to run in the future, Enlightenment or xubuntu (or whatever else that I installed).

Basically, this worked out rather well. If my children have trouble using Enlightenment then I can install whatever desktop manager that they would be most productive in without having to format. How flippn’ convenient is that? 🙂

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