December 3rd, 2007 by heathenx

Losing to my daughter (twice) at Wii baseball yesterday resulted in a very sore arm today. I am not sure what is more frustrating…realizing that I am out of shape or losing to a 4 year old. I felt great after losing to her in the first game (physically, not mentally) but I TRIED beating her in the second game. Maybe I had gotten a little too into it. I clocked some fastballs in the mid 90’s. I was impressed with myself. Felt like Nolan Ryan. However, she hit a couple home runs off of those. That wiped off any smile that I had on my face. Pretty humbling, I must say. She must have cheated somehow, right? Hmm. It will proably take a day or two for my arm to feel better. When it does…it’s GAME ON!

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