Episode 039 – Flaming Alien Skull Avatar

September 21st, 2007 by heathenx

Wait! Flaming as in fire…you got that, right?

Lucky number Episode 039 has been posted. In this tutorial I illustrate an alien looking skull and add some flames to it. This particular graphic project has been done to death and can be found many places on the Internet. My idea for this tutorial stems from Mr. Tom Knight’s tutorial over at advancedartist.com. Obviously, my avatar/logo is very generic looking in comparison to many others but that was intentional. I kept it a little simple with the Tango colors. I would expect the viewers of this screencast to pick up where I left off and make there’s even better. Perhaps adding some outer glows or shadows, more highlights, reflections, and other things will really get the project looking great.

I glossed over making the actual flames in this screencast. It really does take practice to draw flames, at least it did for me. I bet I had drawn the flame that I used 15-20 times before I was somewhat satisfied. I even sketched it in Gimp a few times since it has better Wacom pressure sensitivity features. If you do this then you can bring in your Gimp image into Inkscape and just trace over it. Whatever method that you use the end result is always most important.


4 Responses to “Episode 039 – Flaming Alien Skull Avatar”

  1. karmatros Says:

    _Hola que tal ya he visto todos tus videotutoriales y estan perfectos, muy bien explicados sobre todo por un programa que es gratis y facil de manejar, sigue asi haciendo videotutoriales, de inkscape, a mi en lo personal me parecen bastante buenos, pues yo quiero aprender a utilizar el inkscape, saludos desde mexico, perdon por el español pero no se nada de ingles. adios

  2. heathenx Says:

    Ah, what? Please tell me you are not saying anything about my mother.

    Greetings back from the north. Glad you are enjoying our videos.

  3. capnhud Says:

    He said

    _ Hello that so already I have seen all your videotutoriales and estan mainly perfect, explained very well by a program that is free and facil to handle, follows asi making videotutoriales, of inkscape, to my in the personnel seem quite good to me, because I want to learn to use inkscape, greetings from mexico, pardon by the Spanish but not nothing of ingles. good bye

  4. heathenx Says:


    Ha. Thanks but I translated it just fine. I was just being silly. 🙂