Episode 037 – DVD Software Box

September 3rd, 2007 by heathenx

Episode 037 is posted. In this episode I demonstrate how to make a dvd software box. Since I had just gotten my perspective effect working again I thought it best to hurry and squeeze this one in. Like usual I took some shortcuts and fudged some things. You’ll likely notice that when you watch the tutorial.

Moreover, I fixed the quality of my video. It’s a little better than episode 036. Compiz-Fusion has this neat plug-in called “Resize Info”. When one scales a dialog box an on screen display pops up showing you the window size. It’s really neat and handy. You can make any window any size that you want simply by dragging it to size and stopping when you hit the size that you need. It helped me when I made this screencast.

By the way, yes I did notice the crummy job at tracing my screenshot that is attached to the LCD thumbnail. Trace bitmap doesn’t handle graidents very well without making the output image super big…or superbad…have you seen that movie yet? Funny.

Anyway, grab yourself some coffee or tea before watching this episode. It’s a dozer. 😉

Oh, before I forget. I used the Inkscape logo in this screencast. It’s important to ask permission to use such things first. I didn’t do that. My apologies.

5 Responses to “Episode 037 – DVD Software Box”

  1. Éclipse Says:

    Hi !

    Can i suggere you to use XaraLX to make the ‘LCD thumbnail’ and add a little blur between the screen and the inkscape window.
    You see just a little example i made to show you:
    -> http://www.lequidam.net/images/tests/test1.png
    -> http://www.lequidam.net/images/tests/test2.png

    Thanks for your screencast 🙂

  2. heathenx Says:


    Blasphemy! You are suggesting that I use Xara over Inkscape? Are you crazy? 🙂 Actually, I am a fan of Xara products. Although it’s old I have a copy of Xara X1 and I do play with Xara LX from time to time. There are some things I really like about Xara. It’s very powerful tool. However, I’m too much of an Inkscape fan to use anything else. At least I try first with Inkscape.

    The blur effect that you are referring to can be achieved with Inkscape rather easily. I know our images do not look the best sometimes. That is because we do not spend a lot of time on them. Ironic since that’s what we do but we’re lazy shits sometimes. Perhaps I should clean it up a bit. I’m still not happy with the bitmap trace.

    Those are some nice images that you posted.

  3. heathenx Says:


    Ok. I cleaned up the image a little. Had to do a little doctoring with the Gimp. Forgot my shiny screen and deleted my original svg. Whoops.

    Instead of tracing the whole bitmap, I cut out the dvd box and just laid in a png copy of it in there instead. Got a little pixelated when I exported it but it’s loads better than what I started off with. Agree?

  4. Éclipse Says:

    Euhhh !!! I’ve a question ?!
    Do you run Inkscape in full screen ?

    Yes i know, it’s a weird question but it looks strange to show the window in full screen…

    Let’s wait for a new screencast ! 🙂

  5. heathenx Says:

    Really? I don’t think it looks weird. When I am not screencasting I run Inkscape in full screen. The reason that we use a full screen screenshot is so that our viewers can see what the screencast is all about. When we first started all that we had was a 2D screenshot of Inkscape. It looked rather boring so we wrapped an LCD around the image.